The wedding season is a time of joy, love, and celebration, but it can also be a period of intense planning and  preparation. From the bride’s elegant gown to the groom’s sharp suit, to the dazzling decor and intricate linens,  weddings come with an array of garments and fabrics that require special care. Cleanovo, the professional cleaning  service, goes above and beyond to ensure your wedding preparations and celebrations are stress-free and  remarkable. Let’s explore Cleanovo’s range of services and how they can enhance the wedding experience for  families and attendees this wedding season. 

Beyond Dry Cleaning: Cleanovo’s Pro Services 

Cleanovo understands that certain garments and fabrics demand more than just standard cleaning. That’s why  they offer a range of specialized services, known as Cleanovo’s Pro Services, tailored to give special fabrics the care  and attention they deserve: 

  • Delicate Care: Wedding attire often includes delicate fabrics with embellishments or intricate  ornamentation. Cleanovo employs a carefully designed machine process to be gentle on these garments,  preserving their beauty and quality. 
  • Pure White Treatment: To make your whites shine without using harsh bleaches, Cleanovo offers a  special treatment that brightens your whites, leaving them looking pristine. 
  • Starch Plus: Customizable to your preference, Cleanovo’s Starch Plus service lets you choose the level of  stiffness and drape for your garments, ensuring they look just the way you want. 
  • Anti-Moth Service: Especially important in tropical climates, this service is designed to disinfect and  protect your garments or linens from bacteria and fungus during long-term storage, keeping them in  perfect condition. 
  • Fabric Protection: With a fragrant finishing process, Cleanovo minimizes creases and sun fading, ensuring  your garments look fresh and vibrant even when worn outdoors. 

Eco-Friendly and Precise Cleaning 

Cleanovo’s dry-cleaning processes are not only kind to your fashionable clothes but also eco-friendly. Their  advanced precision dry-cleaning technology employs updated Hydrocarbon solvents, and their machines use  research-based clean cycles to cater to all types of fabrics. The processes adhere to WHO hygiene and safety  standards, ensuring the safety of the people handling your garments and your well-being as you wear them again. 



The Professional Cleaning Process 

Cleanovo’s wet cleaning process involves three essential steps:

  • Spot Cleaning: Trained wash experts pay close attention to removing stains before laundering. 
  • Washing: Their machines use a precise balance of water temperature, tub rotation speed, and detergents  with stain-removing solvents. This preserves the original shape, color, and shine of each fabric. 
  • Drying: The dryers are designed to maintain the appropriate level of humidity within the fibers, ensuring  your garments come out looking as good as new. 

Steam Pressing Excellence 

Cleanovo’s steam pressing technology uses multidirectional steam to relax the fibers within the weave, giving your  garments that ultimate fall and feel. Whether it’s removing wrinkles or enhancing the overall appearance, steam  does wonders. Large flat garments, such as sarees and bed linens, are treated with care using large roll press iron  rollers.

Shoe and Bag Refresh 

Cleanovo’s highly mechanized machinery and researched processes ensure that your shoes and bags stay as fresh  and new as the day you bought them. Whether it’s leather, canvas, faux leather, or cotton, Cleanovo’s experts can  refresh and disinfect them from inside out. 



Beyond Garments: Curtains, Sofas, and More 

Cleanovo doesn’t stop at garments; they also clean curtains, sofas, and other upholstery, ensuring that your entire  wedding environment remains immaculate and inviting. 

Furthermore, Cleanovo can enhance the experience with our priority services, such as express delivery, and offer  more through our Cleanovo VIP packages. 

Cleanovo’s comprehensive services extend far beyond dry cleaning. They offer a wide range of specialized  solutions to cater to the specific needs of your wedding garments and fabrics, ensuring they look their best on your  special day. Cleanovo’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and precision cleaning techniques sets them apart as  the go-to choice for enhancing your wedding preparations and celebrations. From garments to upholstery,  Cleanovo has all your cleaning needs covered this wedding season, so you can focus on creating beautiful  memories.