What we do…

At CLEANOVO, our dry-cleaning processes are kind to your loved fashionable clothes and at the same time, are also eco-friendly.

Our experts are trained to use our advanced precision dry cleaning technology with the most updated Hydrocarbon solvents. The machines at our laundry rooms are programmed with research based clean cycles to care for all types of fabrics and garments. Our processes also follow WHO hygiene & safety standards, hence ensuring safety for the people who are working their magic on your garments and for you as you wear your cleaned & loved garment again.

Fun fact:
In an automated machine the garments go in dry and come out dry, but in actual the machine process involves washing the garments in a high-grade solvent instead of water.

Best for: woolens, silks, bright colors, loose weaves

So what does “Professional Cleaning” really involve?

At CLEANOVO, our bespoke WET CLEANING processes involve three steps –

1) Spot cleaning
Our trained wash experts give each garment it’s due attention to remove stains before laying them into washing machines.

2) Washing
Our machines have a precise balance of water temperature, tub rotation speed & detergents with stain removing solvents. The pre-defined wash programs ensure each fabric washed retains its original shape, color & shine.

3) Drying
Our dryers are also designed to ensure that appropriate measure of humidity is left within the fibers to ensure they come out as good as new.

Our teams have worked for years to ensure that the life of your garments is increased while they get refreshed.

Fun fact:
Modern wet cleaning technology uses 4 times lesser water per garment as compared to a regular home washing machine.

Best for: All kinds of fabrics – cottons, lighter colors, heavy denims

The micro fibers of your garments don’t like too much heat. This is why we only use steam. Our steam pressing technology uses multidirectional steam to relax the fibers within the weave and give that ultimate fall & feel to your garment. And when it comes to creases, steam does wonders.

For any large flat garments and articles like sarees and Bed linen, our large roll press iron rollers do the job just right.

After a refreshing dry clean or wash, these finishing processes make sure your garments are happy as new before they leave the hands of our experts.

Fun fact:
Steaming at 130 degrees also disinfects the garments, by eliminating all bacteria and microbes.

Some garments require more than the usual services and we know it. Cleanovo ‘Pro Services’ are designed to give these special fabrics what they need.

  • DELICATE: A carefully designed machine process to be gentle on your delicate wear with embellishments, ornamentation or fragile fabrics.
  • PURE WHITE: A special treatment to bring out the brightness in your whites. No this is not a bleach treatment.
  • STARCH PLUS: A graded service to your choice of stiffness and fall of the fabric.
  • ANTI MOTH: A very popular service (in tropical Indian weather) specifically designed to disinfect and protect your garments or linen from bacteria and fungus in long storage.
  • FABRIC PROTECTION: A fragrant finishing process that ensures reduction of creases and sun fading when you wear your garment outdoors.

Like flaunting your shoes and bags? We help you keep that attitude!

Our highly mechanized machinery and researched processes retain that fresh and new feeling on your shoe or bag. Leather, canvas, faux leather or cotton the Cleanovo Experts can refresh it all.

We ensure the Bags and shoes and cleaned and disinfected from inside out.

Fun fact:
Real Leather bags and shoes can be immortal if they are well kept. Regular cleaning, massaging, moisturising and polishing works like an anti ageing process for the animal skin used on this bags and shoes.