Maintaining personal hygiene is at an all-time high. While you wash your hands at every opportunity, your clothes are unfortunately neglected. Because when you go out, your hands don’t just make contact with different possibly contaminated objects, they invariably touch your clothes several times too. Plus, the innumerable brush against walls, shop counters, elevator doors, car seats, grocery bags, heavy items purchased, etc, that your clothes have been subjected to. A simple home wash might not be sufficient to eliminate all the risks of any germs, bacteria, or viruses left behind in your clothes.

At Cleanovo our dry clean experts are committed to helping you stay safe and clean by sterilizing all your garments including household fabrics, bedding, comforters, and more. If you are working from home, this is the best time to get all your fabric cleaning done by the experts. So, you do not have to stress on it when you get back to work.

Here are a few reasons explaining why dry cleaning and wet cleaning processes are beneficial as compared to home laundry in your machine or by hand:

Laundry process: The antimicrobial properties of professional solvents and detergents combined with the thermal and mechanical factors of the industrial machinery contribute to the complete disinfection of garments.

Sorting – Professional dry clean experts at the Cleanovo laundry rooms accept an entire laundry bag from customers and keep it aside for 24 hours before opening it and mixing them with any other garments (as per WHO standards of garment quarantine before wash).

Furthermore, they sort out dark colors, light colors, and whites to begin the cleaning in various different machines and processes. Something that is difficult to manage at home.

Correct use of solvents/detergents – Our laundry rooms have always used WHO certified non-toxic dry-cleaning processes and a 100 percent safe wet cleaning process, thus saving the environment too. The professional-grade cleaning agents are enzyme-based and are exceptionally capable of providing complete disinfection of your garments while ensuring minimal harm to the environment.

Washing / steaming at adequate temperatures – Washing clothes at adequately high temperature and furthermore drying and steaming them individually at up to 140 degrees, disinfects the garment completely. And that is what our dry clean experts have been doing since our inception. This process is a difficult feat to achieve with home washing and ironing.

Delicate Fabrics – There might be a question that pops in your mind if you have a soft satin, natural silk/wool material or an embroidered outfit. Well, all these above-stated parameters of washing, steaming, and dry cleaning are in thorough control of a professional like Cleanovo. Delicate fabrics and outfits are handled in a delicate cleaning cycle, thus leaving you with a safe and shining garment.

Stain removal – That nagging stain on your garment always reminds you of how it got there. You can be assured to wash away those horrible memories when you take your garment to a professional dry cleaner. At Cleanovo – the laundry room, our focus remains to not only clean away the stain but also maintain the life and form of the garment to its original. 

Staff safety – Our dry clean experts are cautious and on guard. They always use masks and gloves with regular use of sanitizers and shields on their workstations. They maintain a queue with at least 1-meter distance for the customers to come in. At any given point in time, there will be only two customers allowed inside. The temperatures of all our team members and customers are checked at every entry and exit from our laundry rooms.

The laundry room – Our team has been extremely meticulous in sanitizing every countertop every hour. Hand sanitizers are placed at every workstation for staff and customers. Washing hands every two hours is a hygiene practice encouraged at our laundry rooms.

Delivery and tracking – If you are just not able to leave home, your laundry can still be done. How? By calling us OR by booking a pick up through our website or APP.  Just give us a shout and we will be there to pick and drop your bag full of garments.

We even follow safety standards for our pick-up and drop facility, wherein we will call you to keep your bag outside your house. Our pick up agent will pick it and log in the details when he arrives at our laundry room, so you can check your invoice that you receive digitally and also pay digitally from the comfort of your home.

Using our unique APP (both on iOS & Android), you can completely track your orders. Know where your garments are in the process and when you will get them back. Similarly, during delivery, you may opt for us to keep the bag outside your door and leave you and alert for completing the delivery.

While some still think Laundry is a home chore that can be easily done in the house, those who have used professional dry clean experts can vouch for the quality of service they received. The professional service begins with the minutest detail of reading the garment wash care on the label of every fabric before it is processed in any form of machine. In addition, professional dry cleaning services are far more engineered to provide a cleaner and germ-free fabric as compared to a standard home wash.

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